Headline Event Speakers

Pastor Alli Munsey


Headline Event Speaker

Karen Ambercrombie


Celebrity Guest Speaker

Pastor Melodye Munsey


Forever I AM Host & VIP Luncheon Instructor

Morning Breakout Speakers

Yolanda Green


What to Bring:  The Fervent Book, notepad, pen and be prepared for open discussion. 

Note from the instructor: "Don't forget to purchase the Fervent book from Eventbrite for only $12, then go to the FCC Book Store for pick up!”

Kristina Rosado


What to Bring:  Painting clothes and a change of clothes.

Note from the instructor: "Wear something you don't mind getting paint on!!”

Bob & Nicole Hamilton


What to bring:  Don't forget to bring a change of clothes, bottle of water and a towel. Note from the instructor: “We are going to make you sweat!“

Sarah Wheeler


What to bring: Don't forget to bring a change of clothes, a yoga mat, water and a towel.

Note from the instructor: “Get centered with the Lord"

Afternoon Breakout Speakers

Alaysia MaCarthy


Alaysia Macarthy - God Fearing  Wife and Mother of two beautiful children Kayode (6) and Korede (2).  Alaysia has been practicing as a Registered Nurse for four years and currently at the University of Illinois Chicago.  In addition to her nursing career, she is a Clinical Instructor at Excelsior Healthcare Academy (Chicago Heights, IL) where she teaches Nursing Assistant classes and Phlebotomy certification training.  At FCC she is a leader in the Marriage Ministry, Special Occassion volunteer on the worship team, and Women's Life Group volunteer.  Alaysia has a passion for helping others. 

Dr. Izabel Olson



Dr. Izabel Olson is passionate about empowering women, working with survivors of trafficking to reframe their trauma experience and find success in the work place. She has a Ph.D. in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University and is the founder and executive director of Salt and Light Coalition, an organization focused on job training and mind body restoration for survivors of human trafficking. In 2017, Izabel received the Latina Humanitarian Achievement Award from the Secretary of State of IL. The unique combination of an academic background in cognitive science and a passion for holistic self-care give her a unique ability to help women change their lives. 

Elder Rhonda Hollins


Rhonda Hollins is a driven, savvy business professional, public speaker and

 digital advertiser

for Fortune 500 companies in the Chicagoland area. In addition, she is also the Co-Founder and

CEO of Me to We Ministries and Events with her Husband Conell Hollins Jr., which focuses on

the prosperity and advancement of engagement, marriage and love under the instruction of the

Lord.   Rhonda now serves as an

Elder and department head for the Marriage Ministry at Family Christian Center under the

Family Life Development and Application (F.L.D.A) ministry as well as serving 

as the Marketing Director 

for the Marriage and Family division. Additionally, Rhonda is a core leader for the

Women’s Ministry in the marketing division with the aim of empowering women of God with a

digital platform. She is married to the love of her life, Conell Hollins Jr., celebrating 11 years of

marriage in September. She is also the proud mother of two sons: Ethan Hollins (10)

 and Aiden Hollins (7). 

Through it all, Rhonda expertly balances ministry, business, marriage, motherhood

and family while understanding what it means to be a modern woman of faith.

Dr. Eva Ponder



Dr. Eva Ponder is a native of New York, and has settled in Northwest Indiana.  As an EMDR therapist, specializing in Trauma Dr. Eva  has assisted in reducing the distress of traumatic or disturbing memories.   "I am  certified in integrative primary care and support holistic approaches to healthcare, wellness, and thriving. As an animal lover, I also support people struggling with losses that are often minimized by others.

I have over 20 years of experience and served as the Clinical Director of Cornerstone Counseling Center of Chicago. I am especially interested  in assisting church leaders to be effective in their ministries. As a pastor's wife, I am sensitive to the issues in families of church leaders. I am passionate about helping to empower people to become who they were created to be. I love working with women who are navigating difficult relationships both at home and at work, assisting them to achieve greater levels of confidence and life satisfaction. Couples work with me to overcome challenges and to create the marriage they have longed for. I also have many years of experience supporting individuals who are either clergy families of clergy members. I am equipped to address a wide array of issues including depression, anxiety grief, pet loss and trauma. "

Marilyn Jones



Marilyn Jones a Chicago Native is the Founder and Owner of B Fragranced the online destination of beautifully crafted Fragrances & Colognes for both, modern women and men. Marilyn owns 100% of the company and proud to be WBE certified! Marilyn’s number eleven of twelve children born to a devoted Mother and Father. Unfortunately, her time with her Mother was cut short at the young age of five when Marilyn’s mom lost her battle to Breast Cancer. Marilyn’s older siblings would share loving memories of their mom, which at times left Marilyn feeling empty because she didn’t share those same memories. However, what Marilyn did have that never left her was her mother’s scent.

This birthed a passion and a zeal to create Fragrances as unique as the individual who wears it! Marilyn grew up with a love for perfumes that grew stronger in later years.  “Our New flagship fragrance Embellish doesn’t smell like my Mother once did, but the blueprint of the business certainly embodies her”.

Marilyn realized the imminent need of consumers wanting to celebrate who they are and Identifying a Brand that enabled Self-Empowerment and Confidence was extremely important. With that said, [ME]™ became the new lifestyle! B Fragranced branded the creative process of making what "you" wear the pinnacle of a two-letter word characterized as ME. Empower who you are, Be Courageous, Be Beautiful more importantly B Fragranced. Leave your Memory Mark.

Marilyn Jones is certainly leaving her Mark in the beauty industry as the trailblazing Queen of scents.  

Pastora Celia Molina


 En el ano 2009, mi esposo y yo visitamos la iglesia Famiy Christian Center. Mi esposo que era apartado sintio el toque del Espiritu Santo. Estudiamos la palabra y fuimos dicipulados juntos con nuestros hijos. Cuatro anos despues fuimos ordenados como ancianos y maestros de la palabra. Dando clases y restaurando familia como la clase llamada "Caos" ensenando como ser libertado por medio de la palabra Dios en nuestra iglesia local.
Mi esposo sintio else llamado de misionero hacia la isla de Puerto Rico y yo como esposa apredi a como apollarlo en su llamado.
Fuimos ordenados como pastores por medio del Pastor Steve Munsey de la iglesia Family Christian Center. Restaurando otros ministerios a las Iglesias locares Hispanas. 

Monique Rodriguez



Monique Rodriguez is the Owner, CEO & Founder of Mielle Organics that was inspired to share her regimen of healthy, tailbone-length hair with the masses. This was initially exercised with the creation of the first Mielle Organics product, the Advanced Hair Formula, a unique proprietary blend of herbs, amino acids and minerals to support healthy hair, skin and nails, and immune system. 

After popular demand, Monique began to meet her customers with the products they demanded with the introduction of the Mint Almond Oil, acclaimed for its scalp sensation, root stimulation for hair growth and illustrious shine. Today, Monique’s products have welcomed a global and viral sensation, being sold in retailers Nationwide such as Sally Beauty, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, and Walmart. Mielle Organics is armed with an array of products including best sellers: Our NEW Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil, Adult Gummy Vitamins, Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner, Mint Almond Oil and the Organic White Peony Ultra Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner. 

Trina Fresco



Trina M. Fresco Biography

Trina M. Fresco is a passionate health + wellness = wholeness advocate devoted to helping women everywhere discover what they need to be unapologetically great. After a year-long medical journey -- including precancerous diagnosis, major surgeries (hysterectomy) & complications, and many unanswered questions -- she found the inspiration to support women pursuing their own paths to thriving.


Trina has tapped into the power of plant-based nutrition to prepare for & heal from surgery, illness, and stimulate her overall wellness. She has cultivated a supportive community, engaging content, and powerful tools designed to meet women where they are at all stages of their journey.


Prior to embarking on her health + wellness = wholeness mission, Trina held a number of corporate executive roles where she acquired broad experience leading teams to over-deliver on brand missions of being the best in industry. Now she’s returning to my roots in science and is creating the space for women to acquire critical knowledge to become their own best advocates.


Her work is powered by a data-driven, strategic approach derived from a pursuit of learning, humility and respect.  Trina is a Six Sigma Certified leader who promotes the idea that what connects us is far greater than that which divides us, a philosophy evident in all she creates. She aims to bring people together to celebrate humanity and invites you to join the celebration.

Winter Dojcinovski



Winter Dojcinovski, MLAW

Winter Dojcinovski is an accomplished, dynamic and results driven professional. She was an Artistic Director for over 15 years and recently transitioned within the organization as the Executive Director of the creative faith-based organization, Family Christian Center. Winter oversees multiple departments that produce and administrate creative elements for various productions and events throughout the region. Her theatrical and managerial training also extends to the artistic cities of Chicago and New York.  Winter performs multi-departmental restructuring and management by training department directors in strategic planning, growth and development, and overall enhancement of the organization through leadership trainings, empowerment challenges and team building. 

Winter has developed Christian education curriculum for public speaking and theatrical arts for Cross College which has recently merged with Southeastern University. She has her Masters Degree in Law from Regent University with a concentration in Non-Profit Organizations. Her passion is to train and empower women, minority and faith based organizations to thrive and succeed within their areas of expertise through hands on training. Winter continues to serve her community and her country by joining the St. John Fire Department as their first African American female Volunteer Firefighter. She will graduate from the District 1 Fire Academy in December of 2019. 

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